• Clarissa Baut Stetson, “Capybara with hat” concept sketch for The Menagerie.

    Gaming as Women (the English edition – a play report in English):
    “A brief note on the book: it is absolutely gorgeous. The illustrations are high-contrast, ink line drawings provided by Thore Hansen and Kathy Schad. (…) We found it was always fun to pull the cards. They introduce unexpected results and energize play.” (Also includes a note on hacking the game to run GMless).

  • TAG Sessions (the English edition – reviewed in English):
    “This game is such a marvel. I cannot really explain how much I am impressed with this book, given how you have 80 plus pages of setting notes, story seeds and a lovely cast of non-playing characters, followed by something like barely ten pages of actual rules, then the remainder of the book is lovely notes and tips on how to approach gaming, surrealism, and narrative.This book is incredible.”
  • NØ1final (1)
    Anders Nygaard, artwork for “Saying No” in The Menagerie. (the English edition – reviewed in English):
    “Overall, I’m frankly blown away by Itras By. If you like Gormenghast, Twin Peaks, Kafka, Mieville or even Roald Dahl, you will find something to intrigue you in Itras By. I would have liked a slightly more structured system, but the trade off is the greater narrative freedom granted to both players and the Gamemaster. In general, this is an intriguing and well executed piece of game design, and the background is both absorbing and inspiring.”

  • Age of Ravens (the English edition – reviewed in English):
    “(…) Itras By falls into the category of surrealist-light. It is weird, powered by imagination, throws together strange bits, but still maintains a core of coherence. It doesn’t fully disrupt the limits of the structure. (…) Itras By seems more like works of the Uncanny (ala Ligotti), Magical Realism, or the metafictions of Borges or Pavic. (…)” 
  • final
    Li Xin, artwork for “Surrealism Now” in The Menagerie.

    Monstruo Paranoide (the English edition – reviewed in Spanish):
    “Tal vez, de forma local, veo la Ciudad de Itra como la ciudad de Valparaíso, con sus cerros y colores, pero todo en un sueño, con un puerto que da a un mar desconocido y con límites que se funden en una espesa niebla. Con gente y seres que pueden hacer de la estadía un grato o aterrador lugar.”

  • The Book of Worlds (the Norwegian edition – reviewed in English):
    ” It is a game that challenges the habits we’ve gotten used to, as well as our imagination. I do not think this is a game fit for everyone, but I believe that with the right group it would provide a fresh breath.”
  • Wilper’s Blog (the Norwegian edition – reviewed in English)
  • NolifeOfficiel (Video-review of the French edition, in French)
  • RPGGeek (the Norwegian edition – reviewed in English)
  • Gry-Fabularne (the English edition – reviewed in Polish)
  • Stemmen fra ådalen (the Norwegian edition – reviewed in Danish):
    “Itras by er et rollespil, der tydeligvis er et produkt af de seneste års rollespilsudvikling. Det står solidt på den nordiske friformsscene i stil med blandt Jeepform og danske con-scenarier, og det rummer træk af den amerikanske story game-genre inden for indie-spillene.”
  • Himmelskibet (the Norwegian edition – reviewed in Danish)

The English edition of Itras By can be found as PDF and print on DriveThruRPG.



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